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ABout us for wplyrics

Music gives a soul to the universe,

wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination,

And life to everything

~ Plato

Our Strength is our words. We bring down the most compatible platform for reading lyrics of a song and helping people to get appeased by the words. With our innovative terminology and creative designing we insure you that you will not ho bareĀ  hands rather you will feel fully contented by us and our hard-work.

We enable you to read the lyrics of any song of your choice from A-Z and also provide the music video of that particular song just above the written lyrics so that you can enjoy and feel cheerful.

We believe that a right idea can transform anything be it a website or anything else. So here we follow the very idea and allow people to feel satisfied by the content because music is something that touchesĀ  the heart directly and we feel obliged to take the custody of the hearts of people, we ensure them that we will never them down.